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Chapman Goddard Kagan can trace its roots back to the early part of the 20th century. In 1921 George Thomas Chapman Q.C. graduated from law and took his articles. By 1923 he had founded his own firm in the heart of what was then the City of St. James. As the communities to the west of Winnipeg grew, he was there providing trusted legal counsel to city and town councils, business people and his neighbours. The firm has always prided itself on being a part of the community.

In 1950, Chapmans moved across the street into the former Dominion Business College where the firm has remained ever since. The Chapman Building has been a landmark in an ever changing St. James for 75 years and the Chapman firm has been a cornerstone of the community for over 80 years.

The law firm grew with the community. It would eventually come to be known as Chapman & Chapman (and eventually Chapman, Chapman & Chapman!) and as clients grew, we grew with them. The firm began representing clients across Manitoba, as well as national and multinational businesses with a presence in Manitoba.

In time the firm evolved into the present partnership which was created in 1982. At that point George Chapman Q.C. (the son of the founding George Chapman), Donna Kagan and Alan Goddard created Chapman Goddard Kagan as they sought to carry on the tradition of George Thomas Chapman Q.C. who passed away in 1985 after 62 years of continuous legal practice.  The strong past of the firm is being built upon with an eye towards an even stronger future.


Chapman Goddard Kagan

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